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Kalkan Turkish Local News
Your window on Kalkan Turkey
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 14:10

Kalkan Turkish Local News Featured

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A message from the editor of Kalkan Turkish Local News.

Please note that this web site has now been retired.

Between 2009 and 2018 Kalkan Turkish Local News (KTLN) provided an online news and information service for Kalkan Turkey.

On 31st October 2018 after ten busy and enjoyable seasons writing some 4,000 reports and articles I decided it was time to retire.

Given that KTLN has been my personal hobby there was no team to hand over to, so my retirement inevitably means the retirement of the web site. 

Pretty much all that is left is the home page which contains a few useful external links.  I have also decided to leave the KTLN Map of Kalkan online. 

Plus we do still have some Kalkan videos available on YouTube.  All of these remaining items require no ongoing management and will stay online for the forseeable future.

Over the years 12,000 of you signed up as members.  To be able to share your hobby with so many people is a very special thing and it has brought me immense satisfaction.  

But ten years is a pretty good run and there are a few other things I would like to do in my retirement.  My new focus is researching and writing a book on the history of Kalkan - something that I have had on the back burner for some time.  

This will be another labour of love and I am hoping that lots of you will be as interested in the history of this wonderful place as I am.  So please feel free to buy the book when it comes out!

It will cover Kalkan and the surrounding area - probably as far as Kaş and Meis in one direction and as far as Patara and Xanthos in the other direction.  I intend to focus mostly on modern history - the last one hundred years or so, with some references to earlier periods. 

My book will in parts reflect the experiences of local people - some of whom have already been interviewed and some who have yet to be interviewed.  In this respect it is intended to draw upon, and be an amalgamation of real life experiences and handed down stories rather than simply being a dry list of events and dates.

Realistically I think publication will be somewhere around Spring 2020.  If you wish to be notified when the book is available you can register your interest here.

Registering an interest puts you under no obligation to buy anything.  You will simply receive an email in due course explaining how to get a copy of the book if you want one.

If you have connections with Kalkan going back to the twentieth century and have information or stories that I could potentially use in the book click here to send me a message.

Finally may I thank everyone who took the time to send me messages as I announced the retirement of KTLN.  I have been genuinely touched by your kind words.  It is so gratifying to hear how much you enjoyed the web site over the years.  

These wonderful messages have reaffirmed what I very quickly learned when I came to live here - namely that not only is Kalkan special but so are the people who live here and who visit.  Aren’t we lucky!

With very best wishes for the future.

John (aka TopCat)

31st October 2018