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About Us

Kalkan town Kalkan town

Kalkan Turkish Local News or KTLN is a local news and information web site for Kalkan, Turkey.

It was established in 2009 and over the years has built up a following of around 12,000 members, plus Facebook and Twitter followers.  We believe it to be the most read English language web site in Kalkan.

The web site was retired on 31st October 2018.  However in June 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic KTLN was brought out of retirement.  Given that so many Kalkan lovers were unable to visit their favourite place we felt obliged to do something to keep them in touch with Kalkan life.  It is not what we planned but it's something we wanted to do.

So for the time being we are back.

Who are we?
KTLN is essentially one person's hobby.  It’s not a business.  We don't have a team of writers and technicians.  There is no big office or newsroom.

John is the editor and has lived in Kalkan since 2007.  Most of the words and images are his but occasionally we do get contributions from others, which are most welcome.

Katie-Ellen - KTLN guard dogAmanda is the proof reader - also a permanent resident here since 2007 but first came to Kalkan in 1999.  

Neil is our talented webmaster based in England.  He fits in his webmastery when he is not doing his day job.

Also based at KTLN HQ in Kalkan is Katie-Ellen who is head of canine security.  See image left.

Before we launched KTLN on 1st April 2009 there were lots of web sites dedicated to Kalkan - most of them trying to promote their goods or services.  We wanted to bring Kalkan lovers something different; something impartial, independent and with a positive feel. 

The idea was (and still is) not to try and sell anything, but to simply provide lots of useful and interesting information about Kalkan all in one place.  We developed content that we thought we would like to see as Kalkan lovers sat at home in the UK, but also content that would be useful when over here in Kalkan too.

Over the years in addition to news reports we have brought you a number of features including Kalkan webcams; our What’s On Calendar; a comprehensive business directory; a Kalkan map with our very own unique post codes; flight & travel information; the latest exchange rates; the local weather forecast; surveys and polls; exclusive offers for members and the KTLN Knowledge Bank full of useful information for visitors and residents alike.

Following our return from retirement we are offering a slimmed down offering focused on news and information, including our comprehensive business directory.  We still have the Kalkan map plus lots of useful links to things like the weather forecast, current exchange rate, UK FCO advice and the Korsan Webcams.


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Love KTLN. Love Kalkan.

Independent.  Comprehensive.  Reliable.

Your window on Kalkan Turkey


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